WhatsApp and Mobile Learning

In my role as Online Marketing trainer, I not only have the opportunity to guide my students in the development of a 360 digital strategy for their businesses, but I am offered the Opportunity to show them in a practical way the possibilities of new technologies from the first moment they access training, so that they themselves can check the potential and possibilities of different tools, so that they can apply them to their respective businesses and Putting his imagination as his only limit. 

WhatsApp and Mobile LearningWhatsApp is already a tool (and yes, I say “tool”) of huge penetration, and most people have a data rate. If you join a group of students who are training in online marketing, we find the perfect breeding ground to experiment. 

That is why I decided to use WhatsApp as a channel with them to be in contact, and could also request their hours of tutoring, and comment on class doubts, or simply expose new ideas to put into practice and learn the opinion of other students Or the teacher.

This group now has a lot of activity, and the students share their ideas and request tutorials and get answers almost instantly. It is exciting to see how quickly they have felt at ease with this channel. 

But we have gone a step further, and create another group for them, where we could share links of interest and articles related to online marketing, social media and mobile applied to their sector. To do this I use “Pulse” as a powerful visual RSS reader. And this is how I keep my students informed at all times of the latest trends and related articles of their sector and digital marketing.

In fact, we have created a small community, and like any online community, it needs rules and rules to make participation as productive as possible. That is why, as an administrator, make sure that each of the groups meets its objective, and for example, it is not allowed to comment on the articles published in the “Articles Group”, so as not to lose them in the middle of the talks. This is done in the “Group of Students”, so in this way, the articles will have an order and will be easy to locate, acting as a repository of didactic material and information.

In addition, the students themselves are aware that the channel they are using should not be used with abuse, since no one likes to be continually entering messages, so everything they publish is really very concrete things and they get a quick response. 

I sincerely believe that little by little, the training through the mobile would approach models of this type.

What do you think? Do you know of a similar experience?

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