Google Starts Street View In Greece

Google Starts Street View In Greece

Google is a one of the multinational company developing the best products which are competition over the world. The Google is the internet based company releasing the most of better products in the market. Those products include advertising, searching, cloud computing and other related products. The Google has the most of assets earns from the advertising. Basically the Google organization was established in the year 1998 on September 4. This Google organization headquarters located at the California in the U.S. This was nicknamed at that place at the Googleplex. And this, Google is the one of the best multinational American company.

Google Starts Street View In GreeceThe recent news is that the Google established the street view map in the Greece on Thursday. The Google has been released, its street view of the experts in the organization. This was happed after taking the permission from the Greece security authorities. This was held on Thursday later taking the license from the highest authorities in the country. Basically, this was struck from the five years. Five years back the Google kept the application in front of security people in the country. Finally, this application was getting the lenience from the Greece security people.

As per the company officials said that, the administration went to the Greece after the “vast and definite” discussions and dialogues with the Greece data security authorization. The company faced the problems to develop this project in the year 2009. After five years Google launched this project in the Greece with the permission of authority people in the country.

The person Panos Panagiotopoulos, who is the culture minister in Athens, attended the establishing function at the Athens and said his words are this map service is would be helpful for the vital tourism industry discovering the Greece country as an endless archeological park. And also this will helpful for the people to the all purposes.

He also said that, “we have such a great amount to show off, and this is one of the Gods gift” and “all the people were thinking that the available hard things and we are trying to solve the difficult things”

The Google has the chance to collect the photos for the map view by the allowance of license from the security authority. It is available in the 56th century. The Google also has been taken the permission to view the cultural sites.

As per the officials said, roundly there are 18 million tourist people came to the Greece for visiting purpose. The Government of Greece guessing that, in this year they will reach to the 20 million.

And this Google said, this Google planned to locate this map in Greece and it includes lots of holiday spots and entertainment view. This would be grateful for the tourists.

The person Dionisis Kolokotsas, who is the person of the public policy manager, said that, “the DPA looking forward to see our confuse technology works and we are proving that it does work with the other 55 nations all over the world. And this will helpful for the complaints on the internet related issues”.

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