How does loom knitting work?

Have you ever tried knitting with a loom? Loom knitting is a simplified knitting method that is fast and fun. Using a frame with pegs, a knitting loom can create a variety of items from hats to blankets.

Knitting looms is big business. The market is estimated to be worth $277.3m (£221.9m) by 2028 and shows little sign of slowing down. Why is it so popular?

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Types of knitting looms

Knitting looms come in many different shapes and sizes, with various types of knitting looms that can cater to different knitting needs. Circular looms create tubes of fabric and are ideal for making items such as hats and socks, whereas rectangular looms are versatile and can produce flat panels or scarves and long looms are used for larger projects such as blankets and shawls. The choice of loom really depends on the project you wish to create.

How knitting looms work

Loom knitting simplifies the traditional hand knitting process. Looms have pegs or pins spaced evenly along their edges and the knitting process begins by creating a slipknot with the yarn and securing it to one of the pegs. Working in a specific pattern or stitch, the yarn is wrapped around the pegs in a sequence. A loom tool or a crochet hook is usually used to lift the lower row of loops over the upper row and it is this movement of loops that creates the pattern.

Types of projects

The type of loom to be used depends on the item you wish to create. Scarves or hats are a great place to start for beginners, while more advanced knitters can create items, such as blankets, baby clothes, and womens Aran cardigans and jumpers. Complex patterns, which look great on womens Aran cardigans, can be achieved by using larger looms; alternatively, you can buy ready-made Aran cardigans from a stockist such as

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Loom knitting is a fun alternative to using knitting needles. Suited to all abilities, loom knitting is a popular and enjoyable craft that makes it easy to create a wide variety of items.

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