Motivating People to Change Their Behaviour

Motivating behaviour change is a complex subject and one that has been pondered over by philosophers for thousands of years of human history. The key to behaviour change is using incentives, such as reward and punishment, to shape decisions. But there are many ways to nudge people that don’t involve any incentive at all.

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One of the most important things to remember when trying to influence people’s behaviours is that they are social creatures. Individuals are often highly influenced by those around them. As such, if you want to help them change their behaviours, start by shaping their environment. To find out more about attending a Challenging behaviour course, go to a site like

Another important aspect of getting people to change their behaviour is to deflect blame from them and onto something else. This is often a good way to make them more open to the need for behaviour change.

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Values as Motivational Goals – It is also useful to use the principles of values as motivational goals for behavioural change. This involves making desirable behaviours easy to perform and undesirable behaviours hard to do.

When wishing to change behaviour, it is imperative to provide feedback in a timely manner. This feedback should be tailored to the individual’s current stage in their journey toward the desired goal. However, if they are already in the middle of their behaviour change journey, negative feedback can be more effective at spurring them on to reach their final destination.

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