Top fabrics for staying warm

With the chilly start to 2024, many of us are still reaching for jumpers and blankets to keep warm.
With the cost of energy still eye-wateringly high despite falls in the energy price cap, and an increase on the cards for the winter of 2024, it can pay to follow tips and tricks to stay warm and avoid having the heating on 24/7. To this end, ‘heat the person, not the room’ is key. But what fabric is warmest?

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Wool and Wool Blends

Wool is the warmest of the natural fibres. Wool is very versatile and can make gorgeous blankets and throws, warm socks, hats and jumpers. Much wool is a combination of fleece from many different animals of diverse breeds, mingled together to make a strong, warm wool yarn.

Specific breed wools come from a single breed of sheep or goat. Merino wool and Cashmere are examples of this. Some of these single-breed wools are also highly coveted due to the rarity and expertise involved, because only small amounts are available and, for this reason, can be more sustainable too.

Wool and wool craftsmanship also have a strong heritage in some communities in coastal Britain. You can support local crafters by buying beautiful and unique items like Scottish knitwear or a mens fishermans sweater from the isle of Aran such as those available from

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Viscose or Wood-Based Materials

Man-made but sustainable and plant-based options are wood-based fabrics, which are taking the fashion industry by storm at the moment. Examples of this are Ecovero and Lyocell. These fabrics are versatile and can be made into warm jumpers and leggings as well as stretchy gym wear and basics. They are also fully biodegradable and compostable – but hopefully should last for years anyway.

Polyester Fleece

A man-made fabric based on plastic, polyester is amongst some of the warmest materials. Its insulating properties can vary depending on the thickness of the fleece, and for this reason it can make good outdoor wear as it can be layered.

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