What do kids love about play equipment?

If you are thinking about updating playground equipment, invest wisely and choose the type of equipment that children adore. Here are some of the factors that are important in play equipment:

Colour – Kids love bright, happy colours. Little children differentiate shapes by colour and older children associate colours with emotions, so choosing bright and vibrant colours is important for play equipment that kids will be drawn to. Different colours can stimulate the brain and spark the imagination, so choose vibrant, happy shades for your new equipment. For Playgrounds Cheltenham, visit Greenfields who supply equipment for Playgrounds Cheltenham.

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Playing togetherKids learn so much through playing together and equipment that encourages this socialisation is essential. Equipment that encourages imaginative play, overcoming obstacles and shared experiences all help to foster communication skills, learn social norms and read body language.

Water play – During finer weather, water play is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. It’s relaxing, refreshing and teaches concepts like floating/sinking and deep/shallow. Water play offers wonderful sensory experiences, develops hand-eye coordination, encourages social play and problem-solving skills.

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Challenges – The best play equipment challenges children of all ages. Younger children and older kids have differing needs so you’ll need a range of equipment that attracts and challenges both groups. Older children would benefit from a space where they can let off steam uninhibited and this should be separate from the young kids’ play space. This is essential in this digital age that older kids have an appropriate play space to get them away from their screens for a while.

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