Ready Your House for the Cold Season Ahead

As the nights start to draw in and the mornings get colder, a lot of homeowners start to dread the idea of the winter season. An old, unprepared home can become very cold during these months and can make home life very uncomfortable. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your home stays warm during this season and you can stay cosy and warm even though it is freezing outside. In this article, we will explore some of these methods so you can ready your home for the cold season. Continue reading Ready Your House for the Cold Season Ahead

Effective Strategies to Safeguard Your Company’s Image

When you run a company, your brand’s image is one of the most important things, and you should take some precautions to make sure that it is always protected. If your brand gets damaged in any way, it can dramatically affect your overall business, as people may not want to purchase your products or services if they have heard negative stories about your company. In this article, we will explore some strategies you can implement so you can safeguard your company’s image and keep your business on track. Continue reading Effective Strategies to Safeguard Your Company’s Image

Three Important Things to Check to Make your Winter Driving Safer

During the winter months, you need to make sure that you take extra care when you are driving as conditions on the road tend to be more hazardous. As Well as doing the essentials, like booking your car in with a professional like this MOT Gloucester based company for its MOT and making sure that you check things like your oil and coolant levels, here are some of the things to take extra care of when you are driving in the winter… Continue reading Three Important Things to Check to Make your Winter Driving Safer

How to get the right balance of aesthetics and functionality in web design

Any good Web Design Exeter company will tell you that it is important to not only ensure that your website is aesthetically pleasing but that it is also functionally fit for your business needs. In order to ensure that you get the right balance, you need to ensure that you think about the following. Continue reading How to get the right balance of aesthetics and functionality in web design

Do solar panels need planning permission?

If you are considering solar panels and looking into solar panel installers in Portishead, it is likely you are wondering whether solar panels need planning permission. In the UK, the installation of solar panels on residential and commercial properties typically does not require planning permission, provided that certain conditions are met.

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Permitted Development Rights

Solar panel installations in the UK often fall under “permitted development rights.” This means that you can install solar panels on your property without needing planning permission, as long as you adhere to specific guidelines.

To meet the requirements, the panels must not stick out more than 200mm from the structure they are attached to. Additionally, they should not be higher than the highest part of the roof, excluding the chimney. Make sure to double-check the guidelines before proceeding.

Listing Buildings and Conservation Areas

Special considerations apply if your property is a listed building, or within a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). In such cases, you most likely will need planning permission, and it’s recommended to also consult with your local planning authority. If you are looking for solar panel installers in Portishead for your listed building, ensure they know the legal requirements and have experience with historic and listed buildings.

In many AONBs, you can still install solar panels under permitted development rights, just like in other areas. The council will consider the visual impact of solar panels on the AONB and whether they will harm the area’s character. Consider using integrated or less obtrusive solar panel systems that blend with the environment. If your property is in an AONB, it’s advisable to consult with your local AONB management team before proceeding with any solar panel installers Portishead.

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In summary, for most residential properties in the UK, you do not need planning permission for solar panel installation, thanks to permitted development rights. However, it’s crucial to meet the outlined guidelines and consult with your local authority if your property falls under special categories like listed buildings, an AONB or a conservation area.