10 Tips to generate relevant content for your blog that work

It has always been important to provide interesting content to attract the attention of users and thus have a sales opportunity having generated a value to this person.

If it was already before, since Google made changes in its algorithm, now even more. We keep reading everywhere that the “content is king” but is that AIDA today is an undeniable truth: If you are able to provide relevant content, that are useful or simply users who like to read:

  • Best will search engine positioning
  • Your commitment to the audience will be rewarded with more and more quality traffic

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Useful Tips Reveal How to Write an Unforgettable CV

Looking for a job can be difficult, especially when competing with dozens of other candidates for the exact same job. The mere thought of writing a CV can transform even the most confident person to a timid shadow of their former selves. So, how can you defeat the self-doubt blues and bag your dream job? The first step is to write an impressive CV your employer won’t be able to put down.

Useful Tips Reveal How to Write an Unforgettable CV

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According to the BBC, employers receive around 60 applications for a “low-skilled” job, and 20 for jobs requiring candidates with a lot more skills. With so many people applying for the same position, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. After all, how many times have you heard a career advisor say things like, “You need to make yourself stand out from the rest,” and “make a lasting impression” etc. But how can you do this with just a piece of paper? It’s simple, follow these 7 tips for writing an unforgettable CV and it won’t be long until you receive a call back for an interview:

  1. Make sure that your CV uses proper spelling and grammar. Use commas where necessary and whatever you do, don’t repeat the same mistake twice. An employer will notice your blunders and assume if you can’t provide an error free CV, you must not be that keen on the position.
  2. Focus attention on your notable achievements. Did you win any awards in your school days? Have you done something you are especially proud of? If you can, quote figures where possible to add an extra level of substance to your CV and to act as evidence of these achievements.
  3. Put the most important information first. If you don’t have much experience, but did well in school, position your grades closer to the top of your CV.
  4. Include relevant and key information such as personal contact information (address, phone number and email address) and any professional social media channels you may have such as your LinkedIn profile etc.
  5. Tailor your CV. Instead of sending out the same generic CV to any job going, tailor it to suit the specific job that you are applying for. Make sure that it is relevant and reflects your passion for the said position.
  6. Include other relevant skills that could give you a keen advantage over the competition. These skills could include anything from great IT skills to languages etc.
  7. According to Jobs, it is important to appeal to your online audience, you can do this by “including relevant keywords in your CV”. This can help you to grab employer’s attention on sites such as LinkedIn.

It can be difficult to write a “perfect” CV, and nobody expects you to! Just make sure that your CV provides the right information and is an honest representation of who you are as a person and potential employee. You may wish to drop your CV with a Recruitment Agent in Belfast such as www.lynnrecruitment.co.uk.

The key is listening to the customer

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, once said: ” We had three great ideas on Amazon we have retained for 18 years, and they are the reason why we have been successful: putting the customer first invents and be patient … ” But what means putting the customer first? Or put another way, how can we guide our company to the customer and make this the epicenter of our business? The answer to this question gives us the customer. That is, the key is to “listen to the customer” and for that we can rely on…

External market studies

Market studies expert consultants can always give us the information we need to understand our customer or potential customer and know what they expect from us. In addition, knowledge of the sector in which we operate is essential for trends to guide us where we should go. Continue reading The key is listening to the customer

10 Points they have in common all successful bloggers

When we talk about bloggers successful, we are referring to a person who has managed to build productive habits around his words, based on his own story often and after a long career has included blogging in their daily lives and in their life in general.

For these bloggers successful, your blog is not just a space where they post often but ultimately embody much of his professional life in his blog. Blogging is a lifestyle to be cultivating and nurturing content to go about building a community of readers with a solid connection and two – way benefit, where the blogger provides relevant content and readers is created accompany him on the trip taking with a range of knowledge. Continue reading 10 Points they have in common all successful bloggers

69% of the advertising revenue generated from Facebook and mobile devices

Part of the strategy of large companies in the Internet world is launching into the mobile market. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more mainstream, consumers spend more time with them and companies are therefore increasingly interested in using them as a key to reach them. Therefore, Internet companies are trying to position themselves in the market for mobile ads. And some are faring quite well: Facebook is the one who is becoming the most serious threat to Google in the field of mobile advertising and who just released financial results that point that goes in the right direction in this area.

The social network has already achieved quite remarkable strengthening of the volume of consumers who access their services from mobile devices. According to data just presented, associated with the last quarter of 2014, the social network has 500 million users accessing via mobile and only from that device. Given that total has 1.190 million active users, the number of mobile only consumers is quite striking. Arguably little less than half of its users access through one of those screens. Continue reading 69% of the advertising revenue generated from Facebook and mobile devices

9 great lies of digital marketing

The digital marketing, as all materials that can analyze, is no stranger to urban legends, lies or uncomfortable truths. Perhaps because the digital world is moving very fast and not so many years that we are immersed in a world 2.0 makes there are certain concepts floating and transmitted from users to users, without being able to deny adamantly so that you can convey a knowledge bases common sense and hire help marketing services knowing what to expect. Continue reading 9 great lies of digital marketing

VW sales finally bouncing back after dieselgate

Sales of VW cars across Europe have begun to grow again for the first time since the diesel emissions scandal hit the company in September 2015, causing a dent in its reputation and its profits.

VW sales finally bouncing back after dieselgate

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The news that the company was found cheating on diesel emissions tests in the US last year has hit the Volkswagen group hard, with profits down by 20 per cent in the first quarter of this year. The company was found to be using so-called “defeat device” software that was able to detect when the car was being driven on a test cycle, allowing it to deliver much lower exhaust emissions than it would produce during normal road driving.

It seems that there is now light at the end of the tunnel for the beleaguered company. Against a background of rising new car registrations across Europe, sales of Volkswagen cars rose by 2.7 per cent in April.

Growth across Europe

All of the major European car markets recorded growth in April, with Spain and Italy leading the way and Germany, France, and the UK also seeing increased sales, indicating an upturn in consumer confidence. This has been the highest month for car sales volume growth in Europe since April 2008, with sales reaching 1.3 million vehicles.

The sales of used VWs don’t seem to have been badly hit by the scandal, and it hasn’t caused a slump in used car prices as some industry experts predicted it would. If you’re looking to acquire a new VW via car leasing in Leicester from a company like http://leasing.totalmotion.co.uk/, you don’t need to worry that you could lose out on the deal due to a drop in the car’s residual value.

Slowest brand

Despite the good news about its return to positive growth, with 2.7 per cent growth overall, Volkswagen was still the slowest-performing brand in the VW group. Compared to its premium Audi and Porsche brands, which both showed growth in double figures, Volkswagen still has some catching up to do. Sales across the VW group as a whole – including the Seat and Skoda marques – rose by 5.4 per cent.

Meanwhile, other car makers have shown a strong performance in April, with Renault sales up by 5.1 per cent and Ford showing a 4 per cent growth.

How to generate leads and qualify them effectively

In digital marketing, we find many companies that one of its main functions (most if not the most important) is how to generate qualified with which leads to nurture sales force (contact center) formed and prepared, with the aim to achieve good conversion rates.

For the uninitiated…

– LEAD: When a user comes to our website and fills out the form contact for a call back or we send product information with name, email, phone for example, that’s a lead.

That is the great source of users interested in our products generating sales opportunities for the site in question. Hence one of the major headaches of Marketing is responsible for: sack that source qualified leads that I can sell and profitable exit well, the main sources to generate leads are the following? Continue reading How to generate leads and qualify them effectively

Unique Dublin venues for a corporate evening

It is high time to shake off the “boring” label that corporate events come with and start thinking about hosting your next event somewhere unique and unforgettable. Perhaps you are arranging a corporate event for your own colleagues or employees, or maybe you want to entertain clients, hold an awards ceremony, or put on a promotional evening, talk or discussion. If you want your Dublin evening corporate event to go off with a bang, consider one of these unique venues.

Unique Dublin venues for a corporate evening

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Smock Alley Theatre

This unusual venue dates from the 15th Century and offers three separate function rooms and the option to offer something really different. You may want to book the ornate Banquet Hall for a sit-down dinner or gala event or perhaps even hire the main theatre space, which houses up to 178 people and can be used to put on a show that you organise with the theatre itself for private viewing. The stage also provides a platform that is ideal for talks and awards ceremonies. The Boys School is a smaller performance space for more intimate performances, talks or discussions.

Luttrellstown Castle

If you are looking to organise outdoor corporate events in Dublin, a highly unique venue can be found on the grounds of Luttrellstown Castle. The castle offers a number of team building day and evening events that range from blindfolded driving to cocktail making.

The National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery in Dublin isn’t just one venue space – it’s actually several in one. The best way to decide the right one for your evening corporate event is to appoint an experienced team such as those at Davis Events Agency, who know the venues inside out and will know which is best for your event. The beautiful Georgian Rooms at Number 5 Leinster Square are ideal for throwing a lavish staff party, whilst the modernised Lecture Rooms are perfect for a talk or discussion group and the bright and spacious Atrium space is ideal for inviting clients to a promotional corporate event.

Dublin is full of unique venues that range from the historic to the modern and everything in between. Make sure your next evening corporate event in the city is one that your guests will remember!

The concepts and financial mistakes that every entrepreneur should know

All the diversity of entrepreneurs who can get to know, always stand out mainly by some of these facets:

– Development of product or service, rather, the technological part

– Marketing and sales associated with the business itself

– Operations in generating new business

In none of these 3, there are always exceptions with regard to the entrepreneurial profile, highlight managerial skills where we can fit all the financial part of the business that wanted to rise. A good entrepreneur must and needs to know perfectly as the euro move on their balance financial and power radiographies correctly what state the company to determine the measures to take and move forward. These x-rays can be outlined the invaluable help of some key financial concepts. Continue reading The concepts and financial mistakes that every entrepreneur should know