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Do solar panels need planning permission?

If you are considering solar panels and looking into solar panel installers in Portishead, it is likely you are wondering whether solar panels need planning permission. In the UK, the installation of solar panels on residential and commercial properties typically does not require planning permission, provided that certain conditions are met.

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Permitted Development Rights

Solar panel installations in the UK often fall under “permitted development rights.” This means that you can install solar panels on your property without needing planning permission, as long as you adhere to specific guidelines.

To meet the requirements, the panels must not stick out more than 200mm from the structure they are attached to. Additionally, they should not be higher than the highest part of the roof, excluding the chimney. Make sure to double-check the guidelines before proceeding.

Listing Buildings and Conservation Areas

Special considerations apply if your property is a listed building, or within a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). In such cases, you most likely will need planning permission, and it’s recommended to also consult with your local planning authority. If you are looking for solar panel installers in Portishead for your listed building, ensure they know the legal requirements and have experience with historic and listed buildings.

In many AONBs, you can still install solar panels under permitted development rights, just like in other areas. The council will consider the visual impact of solar panels on the AONB and whether they will harm the area’s character. Consider using integrated or less obtrusive solar panel systems that blend with the environment. If your property is in an AONB, it’s advisable to consult with your local AONB management team before proceeding with any solar panel installers Portishead.

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In summary, for most residential properties in the UK, you do not need planning permission for solar panel installation, thanks to permitted development rights. However, it’s crucial to meet the outlined guidelines and consult with your local authority if your property falls under special categories like listed buildings, an AONB or a conservation area.

What does a good kitchen need

The ingredients for a good kitchen or many varied.  a lot of what is considered to be some of the best elements may not always be suitable for everybody.  For example, the amount of usage that you put into a kitchen is going to be a hugely dependent factor in what kind of kitchen you actually have.  Many of us would like to replace the kitchen completely but there is another answer. Kitchen Refurbishment could be a much cheaper and easier way of making sure that you have the best for your good kitchen needs. Continue reading What does a good kitchen need

The Advantages of Having Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can provide a sense of security, convenience and even a bit of safety during your driving adventures. It’s often an offered feature by car insurance companies. You can also purchase it from independent providers.

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Here’s how it typically works; You pay a yearly fee for the subscription, which grants you access to roadside services whenever necessary—be it for jump-starting your car, changing a tyre, delivering fuel or helping you get back into a locked vehicle. Depending on the plan you choose, these services can be quite costly; however roadside assistance companies often negotiate prices with service providers to help their members save money. Roadside response vehicles are easy to see thanks to their reflective chevron markings. Find out more about Chapter 8 Chevrons by visiting a site like

While there are reasons to have roadside aid at your disposal the cost is often seen as its major drawback by many individuals. Nevertheless if you drive frequently it might be worth considering signing up for this service as an emergency backup or to avoid fees charged by tow trucks.

There are sources for obtaining roadside assistance such as your car insurance provider, credit card company or specialised clubs and motoring companies that focus on offering these services. Car insurance providers may offer it as an add on to your policy for a premium fee; some even provide it as standard in their plans. Credit card companies, like Visa, often offer pay per incident plans while auto clubs such as AA provide services at a higher cost.

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A good guideline is to assess whether the services you may require are likely to happen during your lifetime or if they are occurrences that don’t justify paying for a roadside assistance membership. If you don’t have a commute or seldom travel outside your city the chances of needing roadside assistance are minimal.

Having access to roadside assistance can provide needed peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle. There’s nothing worse than feeling anxious when your battery goes flat, a tyre goes flat or something goes wrong with your engine. With a roadside assistance plan they can help you get back on the road or deliver you safely to a garage or home.

Why do businesses use printers?

Printers are a piece of equipment required for any business playing a role in day to day operations. They are primarily used for printing documents like flyers, brochures, labels and business correspondence. Additionally printers serve functions such as scanning, faxing and copying. While some may believe that the digital age has rendered print obsolete with emails and online payments replacing documents, there are still industries like banking, healthcare and government that heavily rely on paper records. Continue reading Why do businesses use printers?

Hosting your own film festival

What’s probably never rival the likes of Cannes or Sundance,  you can have a lot of fun hosting your own Film Festival.  This does require quite a lot of planning and a fair bit of attention to detail but with a Luxury Home Cinema London based can provide then you’re certainly well on your way  to making it a small scale success. Continue reading Hosting your own film festival