21 Questions To know someone better

In this article I will propose 21 questions to help you learn more about the personality and preferences of the person you want to learn more without falling into the typical What would you take to a desert island? O What is your favorite song? Also the you can apply to your normal social relationships to create more interesting conversations.

Personal SkillsRemember that to know someone better it is best to do open questions and to talk about emotional but some contentious issues to access their true passions and fears, such as hobbies, childhood or family.

If you want to learn to listen and talk to people emotionally open you have a whole series of articles on key social skills in the blog. And if you want help with any questions that you have worked particularly well, leave it in the comments section with his explanation because I will include the best in the article itself.

Questions to best meet someone
1. What super power would you have?
My favorite and the one that I use. You will help us understand the desires and fears of that person because you will actually responding on their hidden needs.

If you answer that would become invisible, it is likely to be somewhat shy. If he says he would like to fly, surely valued much freedom. If I wanted to read minds it is that may have been betrayed in the past and now distrusts people.

With his answer, think about it and draw your own conclusions. Normally the superpower would you choose is an extreme manifestation of emotions that govern your life.

2. If you could only have one hobby, what would it be?
Ask about hobbies may seem typical, but it is essential to meet someone. If you want to avoid responses like “reading, going to the cinema and meet friends” I recommend you ask me tell you just one. This way you’ll know if that person is an athlete, retail, competitive, social or passionate.

3. Among the richest being the ugliest but most attractive in the world but also the poorest person, or, what would you choose?
One of the most curious. It will give clues as to whether the physical values more than material possessions. But it’s a trick question because wealth and beauty are both superficial values and there is no better than the other.

All women who have asked this question replied that prefer the beauty, while among men the thing spreading to 50%. You what would you choose?

4. What is your favorite word?
People often have colors, movies, books, actors, songs, meals and favorite places, but we’ve never stopped to think what is our favorite word. It is paradoxical, because what more we use in our life are the words.

In this way it may not bring much information about the other person, but do think a good time and your answer will give you clues about their vocabulary and cultural level.By the way, my favorite word is paradox.

5. How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?
A very powerful question and many people do not know how to answer or tell you generic things like fun, friendly, loyal, etc. Calls profundity more, to be more specific. That should give you information not only as they are but how they would like to be. And keep your answers prepared because after you would also ask you!

6. Where would your ideal vacation?
Another classic but useful question. It will help to know what attitude towards life has that person. Someone who prefer a lying in a hammock in the Caribbean vacation probably will not be as active on weekends as alguen you want to go to meet exotic cultures.

7. What is your favorite saying?
The answer will give you a source of information to know that person. Basically you’ll understand what value in life, her attitude toward her, and whether optimistic or pessimistic. Beware literally take it because often hides the ideal of what the person would want.

“Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” need not mean that person is very determined, but perhaps you would like to be. When I say “better late than never” I know I’m probably in front of someone who postpones everything.

8. If you had to transform into one of your friends, who would it be and why?
The best variant of the classic “if you could be a famous person, what would you choose?” For the life of the famous not usually know in depth, but that of our friends.

When people plan it certainly hesitate, but is a good question to meet someone. You will discover what qualities you admire in people.

9. What was your favorite cartoon series?
This is wonderful because it evokes childhood memories and forgotten sensations. And if you happen to know the number and you can talk about it for a while, I foresee an exciting talk. By itself it does not give information, but get in the wake of the emotional conversation that arises.

10. If you could buy one thing, what was, what would you buy?
It will be useful to understand their priorities and dreams in life. If you answer buy a mansion, certainly appreciates the stability and family life above all. If you said to a round the world is probably an adventurer and free spirit.

11. What 3 things you appreciate most in a person?
People often respond logical things like honesty, loyalty and sincerity, so you should not ask him to talk about values, but of attitudes or behaviors. “Let me tell my partner when problems occur” or“if a friend I think I messed tell me “are examples of conduct.

This question will serve to sense the type of social and romantic relationships that had that person.

12. If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?
Another good question to get to know someone without putting it into a compromise. Will guide you about your needs and everyday desires, and what you ashamed a bit and want to correct.

13. What is the last book you’ve read?
A book is a great investment of time. So the person reading it must be willing to start it and convinced to finish. This way you get much more information about what you are passionate about that if you asked for his latest film or play.

14. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
According to the animal that tells you you’ll know what features seen and how he sees himself / herself: strong, capable, sexy catlike, free, lethal, harmonic / a, etc. Perhaps you are surprised!

15. How is your car trunk?
I firmly believe that the car trunk of a person is a reflection of your inner mental order. And so far it has not failed me. Porter person chaotic messy…

16. Are you one of those who would sacrifice the life of one person to save a hundred?
With this question you will know if the other person to the end justifies the means. It will also give clues about whether rational or emotional, because emotional people tend to be more short-term oriented and more reflective best provide the long-term (save the lives of more people, in this case).

17. If you were a pizza topping, what would you be?
In a sociological study on speed datings, curiously this question was the highest rating among all those carried out. The reason? Speed dating can be quite boring, especially when you’ve had enough to ask what you do, where you live, etc. In such situations the original questions make the difference and get people to further deepen relax.

Probably it will not help you to know the other person, but surely make her laugh and remove tension to the situation, making you more predisposed to answer more difficult questions.

18. What is the part of your body do you like?
You could also ask the least, but let’s leave that for when you have more confidence. This question is easy to interpret because it will tell the physical attribute that is most proud of, the one you have compliments, or you would like to boast because he believes the opposite sex is the one that is set.

If the situation arises, make him a compliment about that particular part. He lay twice as well.

19. What would your slogan?
This is quite complicated, but it is the question that will give more information about how and how wanted to be someone.

Asking someone to be defined in one sentence, if you have not ever done, it is very difficult. Ask him and tell him you do not have to answer at the time, who can give you the answer the next day that I saw. The slogan should be short, unique and realistic. And it’s an exercise in self-knowledge that you’ve probably thank you proposed.

20. What it is the best and worst quality of your gender and the opposite?
If you want to know what you think of men and women in general, make this question.

The trick is that often the views we have about the opposite sex are based on our own experience, so I will give you information about the type of relationships that has been and how it has affected.

21. What it is the rarest object in your room?
Rather than to find out about your personality, this question will be useful to tell you some exotic trip or anecdote that occurred long ago. Normally our possessions come most curious travel, gifts from previous relationships or bizarre situations. Take advantage of it to learn more about his life.

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