Enhance the Power of Storytelling through Video Social Networking

Great motivational speakers across the world use the technique of ‘story telling’ to their audience. Researches by the psychologists indicate that a normal and monotonous speech will not produce a great impact on the listeners and all the thoughts generated during the speech vanish away in no time. By using the technique of ‘story telling’ good speakers can able to manage the minds of the audience with a high retention rate of the message conveyed through the motivational stories. Hence the concept of ‘story telling’ can be used as a marketing strategy especially in the online business. This is very much needed as there is no personal rapport is established in the process of any online marketing.

As a high rate of growing of the online marketing techniques adopted by various online marketers, a new marketing strategy has emerged through the concept of social networking. A serial of storytelling videos can being a new intimacy to your video social networking
which cannot be matched by normal promos, and even passive videos. By providing few suspense and some thrills in the ‘story telling’ approach, you can effectively retain your audience to return to your website to look for the succeeding episode. In fact this is a copied approach made by the popular serials in the favorite television channels. However these special videos have a prime advantage of viewing the previous episodes which the traditional television serial does not have.

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This seems to be new marketing approach of your products and services. Using this special technique online marketers can able to bring more traffic to their websites by creating a suspense or thrill in these stories. These special videos share information about your product and services in the form of a natural drama which are made in different installments as episodes. The series of such videos have the essentials like introduction, middle information and the end message. Every episode ends with suspense just like the television serials. With this technique you are taking your prospects in a sort of continuous journey, so that we never miss to visit your websites and even advocate other friends to visit your website. In these videos make your product or service as the favorite ‘hero’ so that it goes in the minds of the prospective clients and stay for long time.

In general it is very easy to use the power of storytelling through the video social networking and make a clear understanding of your products and services to your prospects and even to your existing customers. Let us see one example. If you are a plumber engaged in plumbing services at homes and use the storytelling technique instead of a formal introduction, you stand a better chance of creating a follow-up by your clients who watch your stories in the popular social networking.

By advocating such new methods of video marketing one should not ignore the traditional methods as the net users are still considered to be a minority in this digital world. These methods are used mainly to express your uniqueness and make you different from other competitors.

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