Four steps to a profitable ecommerce launch

If you are in the process of getting an online store off the ground, here are four important steps to follow to ensure your launch is a profitable success.


The success of your ecommerce operations will be dependent on a number of factors, with price being a significant contributor. You will want to ensure products are priced high enough for you to make a profit but not so high that you become uncompetitive. Before launching your ecommerce site, analyse your price structures and work out profit margins. According to Forbes Magazine, many products sold online have a margin of around 30-35%, although this varies depending on the industry.


With any kind of launch, you need to drum up awareness to attract an audience. When releasing your ecommerce site onto the world wide web, make sure you have put in significant marketing efforts to raise awareness prior to launch day. From online and offline adverts to blog posts, newsletters and updates on social media, there are plenty of ways to inform prospective audiences that you have launched an online store. The more targeted your efforts, the more profitable your success.

Four steps to a profitable ecommerce launch

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No matter how great your prices or how much effort you put into promoting your ecommerce launch, you risk losing sales if the design and layout of your online store is not up to scratch. Make sure your store is well designed, easy to navigate, clear to follow, and provides all the essential information that online shoppers need. If web design is not your forte, speak to an expert such as Hemel Hempstead web design business


It is always worthwhile testing your products before you launch an ecommerce site to ensure there is demand for what you are offering; however, there is no real way of knowing how profitable or successful you will be until you launch in the real world. Start off by selling products you know will be in demand, or stick to niche areas that you are good at, before diversifying. It can take a while for consumers to familiarise themselves with your brand identity, so don’t confuse them by trying to sell a bit of everything. Make it clear what you are about and how you stand out from your competitors, and keep analysing how you are doing to evaluate your success.

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