Hosting your own film festival

What’s probably never rival the likes of Cannes or Sundance,  you can have a lot of fun hosting your own Film Festival.  This does require quite a lot of planning and a fair bit of attention to detail but with a Luxury Home Cinema London based can provide then you’re certainly well on your way  to making it a small scale success.

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The first thing to think about is making sure that you have several Concepts and themes laid down for the film festival.  Maybe you’re making it an all day affair. For example, you could show every single Planet of the Apes film from the 1960’s and 70s (although you might not want to bother with the last one in the series). When you have such a strong theme as this you can have people dress up as characters from the films or even run a discussion by comparing them with modern interpretations.

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If you want a longer festival you could feature a theme based around a genre.  Romantic comedies are a good source to mine from.  Feature one of the Bridget Jones’s trilogy every day with an accompanying piece.  You could also focus on a particular artist’s body of work.  Continuing with the romantic comedy theme you could have a Katherine Hegel week or maybe a weekend of Tom Hanks movies.

Either way make sure you have plenty of food and drink in for your fellow Festival goers.

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