How a quantity surveyor can help with a building project

To maximise savings when embarking on a building conversion or similar construction project, it’s essential to engage with a quantity surveyor.

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These professionals can help you keep costs under control and ensure your plan stays within budget. Their input begins with analysing your planning drawings along with Building Regulations plans and design details in order to generate an initial cost estimate. Subsequently, a surveyor can offer early cost advice which serves as a benchmark during tendering stages.

Once underway, they will oversee expenses closely throughout construction works in order to avoid situations where costs may spiral out of control unexpectedly – advising customers where opportunities exist for streamlining costs without compromising project scope. Finally, they are able to offer guidance regarding how best break down work packages into competitive quotes while maintaining quality outcomes.

A quantity surveyor’s daily tasks require expertise in multiple areas such as determining optimal sizing for construction materials and devising comprehensive life cycle cost plans. Furthermore effective monitoring of contractor progress against project schedule is required alongside coordinating site inspections. When you need Quantity Surveying Companies, go to a site like

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Another critical function is assessing additional claims made by contractors in regards to costs or time required for completion which then informs final cost reports. Different pathways exist towards becoming qualified as a quantity surveyor which includes pursuing advanced degrees in relevant fields or completing accredited apprenticeships. For those without prior experience taking on roles as a junior/assistant surveyor in support of senior counterparts can be beneficial especially where specialisation within the industry is desired.

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