How to choose the right self storage unit

If you are moving home or carrying out renovation work, one option is to take advantage of the convenience of self storage. That extra storage space can allow you to continue on with home improvements, knowing your possessions are safe and secure. With short-term contracts and 24/7 security, your items are in good hands.

Think about what possessions you want to store in the unit

If you plan to use self storage, the first element to look at is which of your possessions require storage facilities. If you are looking to store books or general household bric-a-brac, you will want a smaller unit. However, if your possessions are bulky and consist of furniture or other valuables, you may want to rent a larger space.

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Consider what features are relevant to you

When selecting a self storage solution, look at the features that are important. Popular unit sizes vary from 25 sq ft to 75 sq ft. A 100 sq ft unit would store the contents of a two-bedroom house. The units are suitable for singles, couples and families on the move or renovating, or for business use.

Look at choosing a high-quality storage unit

A high-quality storage unit should be clean, dry, and suitable for your possessions. They should also have good technical specifications and the units should have 24/7 security and access for the owners of the goods. Trolleys and pallet trucks should be available for use, and the units should be individually alarmed. Fire alarm systems should also be in place to give customers peace of mind.

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Check the unit for its security

When choosing a unit, look for wear and tear and possible signs of damage, including broken locks. Speak to the security team if you have any questions. Signing up for a unit is easy and all you need is identification and a utility bill.

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