How to spend less

How to spend less time online

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of the year when people often make their resolutions that they hope to achieve before the year is over. One new resolution that a lot of people have been making the past few years is to spend less time online. It seems like everything around us is now connected to the internet and it is almost impossible to avoid. This is a struggle that can cause problems with focus, productivity and even relationships.

Even though the internet seems to be an unavoidable occurrence in daily life, there are still a lot of ways that people can reduce the amount of time they spend online. These are simple tricks that individually or together can save people from a lot of time online. Anyone can use these ideas to spend less time online and make more of the time that they do spend online. Here are some ways to spend less time online. 

Increase the internet speed

This may sound counterproductive, but increasing internet speeds could actually help people spend less time online. By using faster internet, like Verizon Sarasota, people can do the things they need to do online faster, therefore saving time spent on the internet. This can help relieve stress and work more efficiently when online.

How to spend less
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Understand how time is spent online

The next step is to understand how time is specifically spent online. Everyone has different uses for the internet and will spend various amounts of time doing each thing. By understand how time is spent online, a person can begin to change their habits and adapt to spend less time using the internet every day. For example, the app RescueTime can help warn people when they are spending too much time on a non-[productive site.

Establish no technology times or places

Another great way to reduce internet time daily is to establish times or places in the home where the internet cannot be used. Many families, for example, have found a lot of success with a ‘no smart phones at the table’ rule. This allows families to enjoy their daily meals together without the distraction of the internet. Certain places in the home can also be given this rule to increase family interaction, like the dining room.

Set time limits

In addition to banning online activity from certain times and places, anyone can set limits for themselves with online. A person can give themselves a certain amount of time each day to spend online and when that time is up, they need to wait until tomorrow before the next dose of online fun. This can be very challenging, but it is an effective way to reduce online time.

Start a hobby that does not involve technology

So many people use the internet as a way to relax or enjoy their free time. A great solution to this issue is to find a hobby that provides the same amount of enjoyment that does not involve the internet.




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