Myths about our visual brains

It is well-known that visuals are the best way to communicate and market. This is why companies use visual strategies on their websites. There are many myths about the psychology of the visual brain. We will debunk a few of these myths.

Some people are left-brained, while others are right.

Marketers have traditionally focused on reaching their target audiences by focusing both the left- and right-brained sections of society. The left-brained are described as being more analytical, logical, and good with maths. Right-brained individuals are said to be more creative, emotional, and artistic. This is a myth.

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Many of the functions of the brain are compartmentalised. For example, certain compartments deal with speech, vision and hearing. Some of these functions are handled by both sides of your brain. Scientists have shown that certain personalities or abilities do not favour one side of the brain.

Learning can be visual, kinaesthetic, or auditory.

Long ago, the establishment relied on its knowledge that each person has a preferred learning style. Visual, auditory or tactile learners are the most common. Marketers, as well as educators, have created campaigns based on this hypothesis to reach their target audiences. The theory is flawed.

Visual learners are the majority of us. Our eyes are the primary way we process information. There is some evidence that visual learning is more effective than other methods of learning. For advice from Birmingham Design Agencies, go to

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Today’s consumers can multitask

Marketers are constantly looking for innovative and new ways to distract consumers. This is not supported by science. Multi-tasking is not as easy as we would like to think. Our attention is always focused on one thing. We may be able to switch between tasks quickly, but we are never really focusing on more than one task at a given time.

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