Protecting the building  from the effects of direct sunlight

Sunlight can cause several issues with the human body.  While it is certainly true that we need sunlight for things like vitamin C and the general well-being that it can bring, overexposure to sunlight can cause damage to skin.  While our attitude has changed somewhat to having a suntan,  there was once a time where pale skin was considered to be the look of someone healthy as it meant that they didn’t work in a field all day long. The increasing severity of sunburns can cause a lot of problems.  They can even lead to malignant melanomas, particularly unpleasant forms of cancer.  Direct sunlight upon a building can also cause heating issues.  If the building is not protected in some way then the only other options is to use the environmentally unfriendly system of air conditioning.

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There may be another alternative in the design of the building itself.  The exterior of a building can be protected from the worst of the sunlight with a slatted metal or wooden frontage called  Brise Soleil. This  Brise Soleil, like that from https://alusystems, Is based on an old French design that was created to allow sunlight to be deflected away from a building and create natural shade.  however it also meant that inside the building people could see out.  This meant that there was a small degree of sunlight allowed in.

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This may be the answer that architects have been looking for especially if the materials used to create the  Brise Soleil  are from recycled means.

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