Surprising things you can lease

Economically, times are tough for most people. Wages aren’t rising in line with inflation, so we need to make savings where we can. Did you know there are many things you can rent or lease instead of buying?

  1. Tools

Many people have expensive tool sets that simply sit in the garage and rot after being used for one project. Renting a specialist tool is a great idea for when you have a one-off or rare job to handle around the house or with the car.

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2. Camping Gear

A full set up of camping equipment can run into hundreds of pounds. Unless you’re a committed camper, you won’t want to spend that much on an activity if you’re never likely to repeat it. Using a tent once a year, and having it getting damp in a shed for the rest of time doesn’t make much sense economically. Look online for companies that hire out camping gear, especially if you’re new to the activity.

  1. Vehicles

Want to drive the latest models but can’t afford to buy outright? Car and Van Leasing Bristol is becoming increasingly popular as an option for accessing top end vehicles in a cost-effective manner. It is often cheaper than taking out a loan, has many benefits included in the package and you can change your vehicle every two years. For Van Leasing Bristol, contact Autolyne.

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  1. Pets

Maybe you want a pet but need to know if you’re allergic to fur? Some people might want to comfort an elderly relative but can’t keep a pet at home. There are specially trained ‘therapeutic’ dogs for example who live with pet carers and are available for short periods of time to act as companions.

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