What Are Home Buyers Most Looking For?

Home buyers are in a much better position to make purchases this year after the pandemic slowed activity. As we start to see some recovery, it’s worth considering the features that are most attractive to the new generation of buyers entering the market.

According to online property sites, a few popular home upgrades are appearing more frequently in listings. These include:

Walk-in pantries are a kitchen feature that is highly sought after across generations. These handy storage spaces are perfect for storing appliances, crockery, and other kitchen gadgets. For homes in your area, consider contacting Estate Agents Gloucester. You can find Estate Agents Gloucester at Murdock & Wasley.

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Bi-folding doors that open up to the garden are another popular addition. These add to a sense of space and can be an excellent selling point.

While open plan living was all the rage for some time, it seems that buyers are starting to crave a little privacy again. Features such as private rooms and cordoned off living areas appear 12% more often in online listings.

It’s also worth pointing out that health-minded buyers are drawn to homes with eco-friendly features. Installing energy-efficient upgrades in your property will save buyers money on their energy bills, and it’s something that can be a selling point for them as well.

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Front gardens that are neatly mowed and planted with simple, low maintenance planting is another appealing feature for buyers. It’s a great way to create a welcoming, functional space and it allows buyers to imagine how they would like to landscape their own gardens.

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