What is land remediation and how does it work

Living on an island as we do, the pressures on the use of land can be extremely difficult to balance. There must be space for commercial projects, industrial projects, and park land and residential buildings. So much of our Island has been used for so many other things, the soil beneath us can be extremely difficult to use for any other purpose when it has been subjected to industrial sites. There are many companies that can take the soil from this contaminated land and clean it. One such example is the Land Remediation Company in the link.  In this way it can be used again.

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There are many factors that create contaminated land. Landfill, salt and grit from roads, industrial and agricultural use, plus there are even natural causes such as old volcanic materials and simple chemical spills and accidents. If these are not addressed then they can have a negative impact upon the human beings in the surrounding area and the environment for wildlife as a whole.

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Land remediation is a process of taking the soil through excavation and then subjecting the surrounding land and soil to certain chemical treatments which will clean the soil and prepare it for a more fertile existence. Once this is done the way is clear for new and more environmentally friendly projects to be undertaken by developers and builders alike. There are quite a few examples where land has been reclaimed through remediation to produce some exciting new  areas for people to populate.

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