What Makes Merino Wool Such a Popular and Desirable Material?

One of the most desirable materials in the world is merino wool. It can be used to make all types of clothing items, such as this Irish mens sweater as well as cosy homewares such as blankets. This is a type of wool that can be used for an array of different products, and therefore its qualities make it one of the popular wools out there.

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Merino wool is known for being a fantastic insulator, but it also has anti-bacterial and absorbent properties and is also water resistant. This means that whether you want to make a style statement or need a practical outdoor garment for the winter, this is a great choice of wool.

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People who spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities in the winter, such as camping, fishing and walking often favour merino wool when they are choosing their attire. As well as being a great wool when used on its own, it can also be mixed with other luxury wools like cashmere to create a softer blend that is still practical.

These qualities make it popular for clothing manufacturers and for this reason it is a hugely in demand product. The vast majority of merino wool comes from Australia and New Zealand, as that is where the merino sheep are based that produce the wool. In fact, in Australia alone there are over 52 million Merino sheep and the wool is a huge contributor to the economy of the country.

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