What skills do architects need

Working as an architect can be incredibly exciting and also rewarding as you see peoples’ dream homes come to life. Working with a Residential Architects Battersea company like https://www.rbddesign.com/architectural-design/residential-architecture-london/architects-battersea/ will see you being asked to design all manner of homes.

If you are looking at a future possible career as an architect there are a number of skills that you may want to acquire.

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Design skills – you can learn these skills by attending the appropriate courses and when you decide whether you are going to get a university degree or apprenticeship to train as an architect you can then look at what sorts of design skills they will be teaching you.

Attention to detail – it is incredibly important that building plans are accurate as having items even just a few millimetres out, can make the difference between a home’s structure working, or not.

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Customer service – you are going to be working with members of the public and other businesses so it is vital that you have good customer service skills. You might even come across difficult characters, so it is worth looking at how you can deal with awkward customers effectively and professionally.

Initiative – in some cases you might have to change your designs based on local planning constraints or other issues, so it is important you are able to use your initiative to find alternative ways of bringing your customers’ designs to fruition.

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