What Type of Tiles Should You Choose for Your Bathroom?

If your new year’s project is to redesign your bathroom, then one of the things that you might need to decide on are the type of tiles that you are going to use. As well as being practical for a bathroom, tiles can change the appearance of the room and give you the look that you want, so there are lots of things to take into account when it comes to choosing the right type for you.

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Tiles come in a wide range of materials, and it is useful to investigate the many materials out there so that you can make an informed choice. One of the most commonly used materials for bathroom tiles is porcelain. It is made from a type of white clay and is a durable material that is also good at preventing slips.

Ceramic tiles are also made from clay, but a red clay, and they are not as heavy as porcelain tiles. They are glazed to make them water resistant, and there are lots of colours and patterns to choose from.

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Stone is also a popular material for tiles, and marble tiles give a luxurious feel to the room. Granite is another material that is often used for tiles, and stone tiles give a classic look to the room, but can cost more than the clay tiles, so bear your budget in mind too when you are deciding!

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