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Brands now produce more content in social media

IAB, association representing the advertising, marketing and digital communication sector, today presents the II Study of the Activity of Marks Social Media, prepared by the Committee on Social Media and led by partner companies GestaziĆ³n, Ontwice and Creative Territory. This study shows the activity of the major brands investing in major social networks.In addition, it applies qualitative values to quantitative data and measures the impact of a brand on the new social networking environment, through the model PRGS *: (P- Presence, R-Response, G- and S- Generation Tip).

This study was a practical exercise that continues the first version introduced last year and feel some first base (there is no similar study on the market) through a complex and difficult research, but with results very simple to implement. It allows us to offer objective data (public and without feeling) and make a real comparison between sectors and brands. It provides guidelines to help brands establish objectives in the development of social strategies. Continue reading Brands now produce more content in social media

Brands still do not respond in time to consumers in social networks

The marks are still answer your customers on social networks. According to data obtained by PuroMarketing first hand through an online survey of its readers, only 3 out of 10 I got a response in less than an hour, while a similar percentage expecting a reply was that never came.

The survey reflects the views of more than 5000 users PuroMarketing, recorded during the last half of 2013. These figures do not but note the lack of interest from brands to cater to their customers through social networks.A sad reality that contrasts with the demand for the latter, who increasingly turn to measure online media for a quick and effective solution to your problem. Continue reading Brands still do not respond in time to consumers in social networks

Millennials want brands make them happy

Millennials expect intangibles brands. Not only is price or proximity, but things that go far beyond that. The millennials are one of the clear drivers of boom local, as valued elements such as proximity, quality and the effect it has on others their purchasing decisions. In addition, these consumers are very concerned about issues of commitment. So much so they expect brands to do good things or to commit to causes. And they valued aspects that are not valued the same as previous generations: they expect quality or appreciate the cultural aspects or differential of things. That’s what makes, for example, McDonald’s has problems to convince them that they are the best option.

But the list of different things that millennials ask brands has now added a new factor: happiness. The millennials, who are born between 80 and first 90, they value different things in life. They do not seek work both forever as one that makes them feel realized that a certain meaning to their existence and ultimately make them happy. That makes, for example, that do not engage both companies in which they work and their parents (give everything for them, right, and his work, but is not a commitment forever as the previous generation) and who they prefer to do things like go around the world volunteer or go to some remote village before going to work in a large corporation. Continue reading Millennials want brands make them happy

Apps messaging, the new target companies and brands

Messaging applications have become essential tools for all mobile consumers: practical, immediate, free, all advantages in its use. But this is even more true of the younger, who have almost completely abandoned and other channels such as email, while increasingly invest time -for not say all the time – in applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Snapchat. Continue reading Apps messaging, the new target companies and brands