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Why change the company logos over time?

In 1934, what is now known as Canon launched a camera in Japan, which marked the starting signal for what the passage of time become a multinational company not only manufactured cameras, but many more things (after the Second War World, for example, they were especially known for their typewriters). The camera was then Kwanon christened in honor of a Buddhist deity, and the brand logo was designed from that point of inspiration. The firm quickly saw that it had to be changed: in the following years became Canon and eliminated the goddess of its brand image. They wanted to be modern. Today, 80 years later, no one would think of a Buddhist goddess to see the Canon logo with a stylized red letters.

The firm is one of the common when items are made graphic showing the evolution of company logos. It is not the only example. Microsoft, Nokia, IBM and even Apple logos have been as varied. Closer geographically, for example, can think of Telephone, the evolution of logos ranges from the distinctly retro medallion was founded in 1924 as the National Telephone Company and reaches the grainy 80s, culminating to regain full name and logo and make it disappear when he reinvented himself as Movistar. Although, of course, consumers will always remember and have in mind the graphic images of public phone booths or they had in their homes when they think of the brand image of Telephone. Continue reading Why change the company logos over time?