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Apple figures crippling by $113bn

Apple not having stock to sell is proving very costly.

The stock price per share has decreased by more than $10.

As smartphones are owned by a large amount of the population already owning smartphones the sales in items like smartphones, tablets and Ipads are decreasingly significantly from the first half of this decade.

This means Apple have reportedly lost a total of $113bn in market camp.

The biggest concern for apple was a decreasing amount of sales in the new Iphones causing a concern between some investors in Apple.

A stock expert suggests that Apple are currently in an ugly situation.

Despite this setback it doesn’t appear to be fatal for Apple as their products are still heavily recommended and stock prices are already starting to increase again.

The initial concern has been built up by high expectations from previous success and although going through a slightly difficult time at present the general feeling is that they will bounce back from this.