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The most important previous notions for search engine optimization (SEO)

For newcomers to the digital world, the SEO acronym comes from “Search engine optimization” which means natural positioning of a website in search engines. I must say that in recent years what are considered best practices in SEO have changed a lot, and here who has taken the lead in this “party” was Google with its algorithm changes to avoid a series of actions that allowed many websites of questionable quality, position in the top positions in searches.

To put in a situation to all I will briefly review the Google algorithm changes in recent years:

– Panda (2011): First big algorithm change in the beginning to penalize duplicate content from some sites, content that were unrelated to the title of the web and reward those sites that users recommended.

– Penguin (2012): Second major change in which he emphasized the penalty on those pages that were abusing keywords in inappropriate contexts and aggressive link building strategies (search for links)

– Hummingbird (2013): This is very recent and is to reward more the context that own keywords sometimes therefore try at all costs that those pages well positioned to provide value to users. Continue reading The most important previous notions for search engine optimization (SEO)