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Brands now produce more content in social media

IAB, association representing the advertising, marketing and digital communication sector, today presents the II Study of the Activity of Marks Social Media, prepared by the Committee on Social Media and led by partner companies GestaziĆ³n, Ontwice and Creative Territory. This study shows the activity of the major brands investing in major social networks.In addition, it applies qualitative values to quantitative data and measures the impact of a brand on the new social networking environment, through the model PRGS *: (P- Presence, R-Response, G- and S- Generation Tip).

This study was a practical exercise that continues the first version introduced last year and feel some first base (there is no similar study on the market) through a complex and difficult research, but with results very simple to implement. It allows us to offer objective data (public and without feeling) and make a real comparison between sectors and brands. It provides guidelines to help brands establish objectives in the development of social strategies. Continue reading Brands now produce more content in social media

What invest time professionals Social Media?

Register a corporate profile on social networking sites is free, but properly manage online brand presence on that platform no longer so. It is a laborious task that requires effort and dedication.

The latest report published by the University of Social Media Marketing (SMMU) analyzes how long marketers invest in Social Media and how to use this time or that activities devoted more attention. Continue reading What invest time professionals Social Media?