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Twitter: Aspects to consider to act before a crisis of reputation

That the crisis management has become the main workhorse for business, it is a reality we can not doubt. Who has not heard frightening stories about companies that mismanaged their mistakes and criticism of them derivatives and were expelled from the social paradise?

Yes, there is no doubt that in a world of increasingly demanding consumers and with – each time- more options to choose from, given the fierce competition at the present time, transparency and pre-planning of the most efficient actions to prevent or stop in time, negative comments about our brand is simply indispensable.

And talk about proper prevention or crisis management, we can not stop talking about Twitter. At the time current social communication platform more relevant in measuring the social influence of brands. But what are the key issues to consider and act upon the reputation crisis? The following are some of these aspects that are worth noting and always have to keep in mind. Continue reading Twitter: Aspects to consider to act before a crisis of reputation

10 Tips to promote engagement on Twitter with the elderly

Social networks have a nascent market niche and untapped. It is the senior users, over 65 years, great adepts of technology have gradually discovering the benefits of soaking in the middle 2.0.

The report by the Pew Research Center this month indicated that 60% of adults over 65 have internet access. Of these, 71% connect daily. This is the segment of the most social people in Social Media. These users develop greater social activity with its closest environment younger users. They have found on the internet and social networks a way to stay informed of what is happening abroad, as well as a way to connect with theirs. Although his presence on Twitter still is small (6%), its adoption is recorded with a good rate of growth. The number of users of social networks among these users has doubled in just three years. This shows your interest for this channel. Continue reading 10 Tips to promote engagement on Twitter with the elderly

Good practice manual to find work in twitter

Before you start with some good actions to find work using twitter, worth making a few reflections to understand the importance of social media world for all candidates with good skills who want to be placed in the labor market:

– 80% of recruiters acknowledge that see the online presence of their candidates and their communication skills in internet.

– Companies that want to recruit new profiles, the vast majority try to get the best results at the lowest cost. This means that, first of all use their social network to find candidates (including social networks), then go to human resources companies and as a last resort use more traditional means of communication. Therefore, if you do not try to be in the network of companies for which you want to sign with social networks like twitter you will miss many opportunities work. Continue reading Good practice manual to find work in twitter