avoid online fraud

10 Tips to avoid online fraud

While stressing the lack of security with buyers, real insecurity leads the merchant. Know how to detect fraudulent behavior and prevent online fraud.

There is long-standing and certain fraudulent conduct with credit cards on the Internet. In addition, in all cases, there are two victims: the cardholder who has stolen his plastic and the trader.

In this lies the burden of proving that the operation really existed and that the product was delivered and accepted by the buyer. Cards to protect their customers require all kinds of tests and have any doubts; debited from the merchant’s account the amount questioned its customers.

While the technology is to help traders registering the IP address of the purchaser, and applying various anti-fraud procedures should always keep in mind the following tips and at least take precautions.

avoid online fraud

1. New customers

Every new customer has the implicit risk of absolutely everything about him or her is unknown. No history and therefore, it is impossible to verify their past conduct. The advice is, know. Try to establish long-term relationships.

2. Larger than normal purchases

Stolen cards have a very short working life so that thieves will try to capitalize as quickly as possible. Rather than be happy for large orders, suspect them, and then double-check the details of your buyer.

3. Shopping with many repeated items

As in the previous case, this should be taken as a warning rather than a joy.

4. Buyer hurry

Beware orders fast shipping night. Beyond the compulsiveness of any buyer, an impostor wants to receive the goods sooner obtained by illegal means.

5. WebMail

Where from the email gave orders is one of the web-based services (webmail)?

It is the easiest way to hide the identity and scammers usually use it in their criminal rounds. Nobody in their right mind would give real data if trying to scam you. Therefore, ask these e-mails are not used.

6. International addresses

Far from being a discriminatory measure, it happens that there is no address verification (AVS: Address Verification Service) outside the US.

Only a few countries are included in this system by which the former contrast 5 numeric characters cardholder address and your zip code with the card numbers.

At this point, we must make a clarification. These standards are issued by the own credit cards, they obviously have their headquarters in the US and is where e-commerce has reached the highest level of development.

Far from rejecting international purchases, simply it suggests that light a warning light in these cases and use caution. Before buying an international warrant will be much more difficult to prove that, you delivered the goods.

7. Shopping Repeated

Look carefully repeated purchases on the same day. Again a criminal who succeeded with your retailer for the first time will insist until you reject the purchase.

8. Observe delivery addresses

If no address is repeated even though the purchase is paid with multiple cards, not all passengers are buying a hotel in its store. Surely, it is against attempted fraud.

9. Take care with repeated addresses

Contrary to the above, take special care with multiple transactions from one card ordered shipments to different delivery addresses.

10. Differences in homes

If you find that, the billing address is different from delivery, watch. It is a clear warning sign. Of course, do not take it so hard because if you sell flowers, it is likely that the groom does not want the bride learns as you paid and deliver the bouquet at home.

For all precautions, your shop must be backed by a certain level of technology and already manage their own Merchant Account. It is not going to find economic solutions or outsourced billing services.

In these cases, it is likely to lose the excess care occasional sale and bona fide purchasers go very frustrated and guilt.

It is also important to understand that those who deliver digital products are more vulnerable than those who sell tangible goods where there is always a supply to a person with a signed receipt. As an added tip, look for experienced logistics providers and support.

Doing business online means taking some risks but if you are able to minimize the caution, in the real world there is fraud, and so far, more than in the network.

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