Mobile and Geolocation: I am here and now, what do you offer me?

62% of users include geolocation when publishing their updates on social networks. This data has been extracted from the second wave of the year of the Mobile Audience Insights Report, carried out by JiWire among a sample of around 1,400 consumers in the United States. The study includes the actions carried out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Mobile and Geolocation I am here and now, what do you offer meThe study reveals that half of users tag their location. The main reason is for your family and friends to know where they are eating or having a coffee, to which store they have gone to buy, or where they are at that moment; in the case of trips or leisure breaks.

It is a step forward in the era of socialization and content sharing. For companies, it is the ideal opportunity for retailers to increase their brand presence, and get their customers to increase the visibility of their company in their environment. Both restaurants, clothing stores or any small business can launch a promotions campaign on the street and increase their sales, encouraging users to participate and benefit from exclusive benefits thanks to geolocation. The clients are there, actively seek promotions, do not let them escape.

We are also faced with a strategy especially indicated to get fans on Facebook;91% of respondents acknowledge being an active member of this social network, of which 88% monthly label their preferred locations. Users have created the habit, it only remains for you to generate specific content for them, give them reasons to interact with you. You can launch a campaign focused on your radius of action, where customers have to participate by sharing their experience with the product, their environment or the company.

We can not forget Foursquare either; the network of the four corners is present for 51% of the interviewed population, where 60% of its users use their mobile app to geotarget their experiences. Register your business card and optimize your business for this social network.

Google and its Google+ social network have not overlooked the full potential of geolocation, offering its users the possibility of accessing all types of services and local and nearby offers in relation to the location and location defined by the user.

Starbucks, a pioneer company

The Starbucks chain of establishments is an example of how geolocation and mobile technologies can be used intelligently and beneficially to reach consumers. Its mobile applications allow users of smartphones to obtain information about the locations of their establishments. If you have an Internet connection, the application detects the city where the user is located and shows a list of the Starbucks near it, together with all the related information.

Geolocation is the next step towards optimizing conversion. The user has in his hands, thanks to mobile devices, the ability to say: I am here and now, what do you offer me? If you design a campaign thinking about it and you know how to capture its attention, you can take it to action and, with it, you will have opened the way to gain their trust and who knows if also the one of their own. Do you join geotargetization?

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