Samsung Launches Smartphone

Samsung Launches Smartphone Z To Run On Tizen Operating System

Samsung is the best Smartphone designer over the India. The people in the all over the country were using this series of the Smartphone’s. This organization is making the one of the best Smartphone’s compared to all phones in the market. The Samsung is the best Smartphone’s maker compare to organizations of all over the world. In the market lot of people uses the Samsung handset only. And around 30 percent people of all over the world uses these Samsung handsets. The organization develops the top most handsets that are very competitive in the world. So many people were using this Samsung established handsets.

Samsung Launches Smartphone Samsung is now declaring to release the new Smartphone in the market. This Samsung organization is planned to establish the latest Smartphone in the market. The latest Smartphone is focused its own around particular working framework and it runs on its own operating system. This handset has the best operating system and its on its own, when compare to Google Android devices in the market. These Smartphone’s will go over the Android handset and these are very competitive to the android phones.

The Samsung company develops the new Smartphone is Samsung Z. This Samsung Z is mainly established to operate on the Tizen operating system. The Smartphone Z is especially developed to run the Tizen operating system.

The Samsung said that, Samsung Z Smartphone, first will released in the Russian market and after that it will be available in all the markets. This handset will release on the Russian market in this year in the end of September or stating of October.

The latest handset will be revealed in San Francisco and this will bring out on Tuesday at the Tizen developer conference, which is in the San Francisco.

So many of the Samsung devices are working on the android operating system and huge numbers of the Samsung handsets are running on the operating system like android.

The Samsung was released first handset named Bada in the year 2009. But it was failing with the huge number of handsets and gained the very loss for this establishment.

Also Samsung was working with the Intel to establish the Tizen, which is in the Linux based platform. This operating system Tizen is the first to the Samsung and it was used in the Smart watch in the February and the Samsung Z is the first handset to develop with the Tizen operating system.

The person DJ Lee, who is the head of the global sales and marketing, said that,” the Samsung Z is the powered charged handset through the Tizen operating system and it is very convenient to the browsing and very fast for the browsing. And also it is used in the browsing important applications.

The Samsung sold out the more than 30 percent handset devices throughout the world. Huge number of people want to use the Samsung devices only

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