Some charge a web like a kilo of fillets

Although for years I left the stormy world of website creation, by my daily activity still I have great relationship with him and I realize that there are many organizations who can not hire a web for the same or does as he who will a butcher shop to buy a kilo of fillets, without realizing that the web in most cases is their main escape and in some cases the only one.

Some charge a web like a kilo of filletsWhen a company needs a new website or simply do not have and see the need to make must be documented on everything you need to know to make the order in the best possible conditions, because the kilo of fillets will last a couple of days, but the web is visible to everyone two or three years. Why this occurs is attributable to many factors, some of which include:

  • Internet not give the importance it deserves, think that today a very high percentage of people and companies who know us come to us in this way.
  • Not devote enough time to the development of the project is the creation of the web, and in many cases not worry about the factors, variables and knowledge that this requires.
  • Not devote the necessary efforts in recruiting a suitable company for making the web, as in many sectors Many pirated loose.

When hiring a web there are many elements to consider, sometimes complex, which in no way should exempt us from our responsibility to know. Before ordering our website at least we should think about:

  1. Objectives and target audience. We have to be clear what we seek with the web and what is the target of audience we want to reach, it is not the same web intended for leisure youth a website to sell jewelry 10,000 euros upwards. From this point it would appear that instead of a web need several. They can also be obtained from here the languages that will be necessary to work.
  2. Domains and hosting necessary. Depending on the objectives and the target audience may be necessary to have multiple domains, for example one for each country, and hosting to cover all current and future needs of the web, of course with the necessary quality may be necessary and right price.
  3. Contents. It is evident, and today, that the content of a web is one of its cornerstones. In general, the content can be distributed on the web and in an integrated share the same domain (to improve traffic) blog. This content should be appropriate, should explain clearly and unequivocally what the company wants to communicate. For this purpose it is important to figure copywiter either hired by our company or that part of the staff of the company you hire to the web. This section requires special mention online stores, if we need a design work very well.
  4. Legal aspects. Another section that requires our attention is undoubtedly everything related to compliance with current legislation, issues such as intellectual property law or data protection law of information society must be studied carefully and other legal factors that each company had to attend.
  5. SEO. We can have the best website in the world that if it is not among the top searches on Google will be relegated to the most absolute ostracism, so we have to be clear about the right keywords and make clear what searches want our website to appear for the creation phase all the necessary instruments are used to make it so.
  6. Social networks. Today it is inconceivable that a website does not have the necessary tools for its contents disseminated on networks, therefore must have the social buttons and the contents should be prepared for such disclosure is made optimally.
  7. Analytical. The web should be measured by its construction must be made for such measurement can be carried out and that gives us the necessary results to make decisions. An example, a website with a unique URL is impossible to measure in conditions.
  8. Design. This phase will collect all the aspects mentioned in the previous points. Also you have to respect the corporate image and it is essential to think of all kinds of devices using responsive design thus becomes non – negotiable. Do not forget to loading speed.
  9. Usability. In addition to having a website that meets the objectives, show our products and services, be prepared for SEO and have a good design, we think that users have to feel comfortable in it. Sometimes to use a web to do two or three postgraduates and that what you get is that users do not return.
  10. Property. Product ownership will always be the company that handles the product and should be available from all sources and access to domains, hosting and web.

It may seem complicated, and it really is, but if it comes to undertake a web project, at least, are not known and evaluated all these points the result will never be optimal.

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