What are the Different Types of Cyber-Attacks?

Cyber attacks can be classified into many different categories. Each of these is used by hackers for different purposes. Some of these attacks are very malicious and may cause serious damage to the computers that are infected. Other attacks are completely unintentional and only cause annoyance.

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The most common type of cyber attack is a virus or worm. This is done by someone with malicious intent, such as a criminal gang. They use a program or tool to hack into a computer, gain access to sensitive information and then distribute the information throughout the internet. While some viruses do not have these malicious characteristics, they are still able to spread from one computer to another by using file sharing technology. This type of attack can also come from an infected email. To help protect your business from the threats that online operations can face, consider Cyber Liability Insurance from a site like JMP Cyber Insurance

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Another popular type of attack is a data stealer. This person hacks into a computer and then tries to obtain personal information by using various methods including password theft. Stolen personal data includes financial documents, credit card information, and other types of vital information that could be very useful to someone. If you become a victim of one of these attacks, you need to take special precautionary measures to make sure that your information is protected.

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