12 Interesting Ways to Relax

Relaxing is perhaps one of the most effective methods to get on the path of success and think clearly about what we do with our lives, and how we can improve it.

This year I have been exploring ways to relax in order to have the necessary tools to calm down in times of stress.

The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it, but when we are in a tense moment it is good to know some relaxation technique to change our state quickly. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.


Meditation is a way of giving a rest to your busy mind with constant worries. To meditate is simply to stop thinking, to stop focusing on yourself to concentrate on experiencing the world around you.

Try now, try to be 1 minute without thinking anything, just looking at an object that you like or with your eyes closed. Listen to your own breathing to make it easier for you to concentrate. At first, it will cost you to spend more than 10 seconds without thinking, but the more you practice the easier it is. How did you feel?


Take a few minutes to think about nice things. Take a temporary vacation in your imagination. You can be in Paris, sitting in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, having the best wine in the world with the person you most want just to close your eyes.

Imagine situations that you would like to live or remember the best moments of your life.

For your mind, imagining it is the same as experiencing it live, so what you visualize will change your current state.


Modern yoga (for those who do not know it) is a set of physical exercises designed to bring harmony and flexibility to your body. Doing a few minutes of gentle yoga is a great exercise for your body and your mind.

To relax you can also use any other physical exercise. Although physical exercise may seem more painful than relaxing, your body generates endorphins that leave you deeply relaxed after exercise.

Go for a walk

Strolling combines the benefit of physical exercise plus sunbathing and fresh air.

It also forces you to look at the landscape, something that distracts your mind from any worry you may have.

Listen to music

Spend some time enjoying your favorite music. No matter the style, any song that moves you even though it’s Heavy Metal is good for relaxing. If in addition to this you add singing and dancing you already have a complete relaxation session.


It does not matter how you do it but laughs. Laughing is the best remedy for stress.

Quick ideas to laugh:

  • Watch a series or comic movie
  • Explain a joke to your friends
  • Make a joke to a friend
  • Parody a song
  • Play with the effects of your webcam
  • Watch funny videos on the internet

Breath deeply

Oxygen relaxes we have all tried it and we know from experience. Oxygen is free and is everywhere, so take advantage of it.

My favorite breathing method to relax is to make 4 great inspirations and expirations. Try it now. Take a deep breath and breathe out little by little. Do you see the difference? If you are not relaxed yet, repeat it.

Giving A Massage

3 messages for 3 different occasions:

  1. Professional massage
  2. Couples massage
  3. Self-massage

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Create With Hands

Focusing on creating something that you really like frees your mind of unnecessary tensions.

What do you like to do? You can try painting, scale models, DIY, cooking, making jewelry, sewing, making card castles, collecting Legos, recording stop-motion videos, recreating monuments with play dough or anything else that is imaginable.

Take care of your garden

Having a garden or orchard is a rewarding experience for the 5 senses.

If you can not have a garden for reasons of space, potted plants add a decorative and relaxing touch to your home.

Hot or Refreshing Bath

From a quick shower to a long bath, anything goes to relax. If taking a bath with foam and fragrances of eucalyptus or lavender does not relax you is that you are made of stone

You can also look for a gym that has a jacuzzi, thermal pools, and a sauna.

Play With Children Or Company Animals

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to relax…

Warning: Use sparingly as children have a lot of energy and can leave you exhausted.

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