2017’s Office Furniture Trends

Here are the trends, colours and pieces to look out for in office furniture in 2017.

2017’s Office Furniture Trends

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Meeting Room Pods

While the classic meeting room set-up is still proving popular, small, ingenious spaces have exploded into the market. Showrooms are now full of meeting room pods, demonstrating how to break up open plan offices and even reduce excessive noise.

Soft meeting pods, reminiscent of the beach huts of Brighton, add a modern touch of cool to office spaces and are a practical alternative to permanent, expensive structures. These free-standing, diverse booth systems can be deconstructed and relocated within an hour, which is perfect for the constantly changing workspace we find ourselves in today.

Room Wall System

Instead of permanent walls, the room system offers a flexible alternative. They enable the creation of formal and informal workspaces for meeting, concentrating and collaborating. Visually attractive, this system also has excellent acoustic properties that can change noise levels.

2017’s Office Furniture Trends2

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Feature Storage

With agile working and hot desking featuring heavily in the workplace, offices need more storage than ever. Office storage has moved from the traditional boring configurations to large shared units and secure storage spaces. Available in modern design and materials with wood and metallic finishes, new ranges can also be used as dividers for open office spaces. Furniture such as lockers and dual use items like storage contained in soft seating areas are featuring more in the workplace.

Built-in Power Sockets

With the use of technology in the workplace ever increasing and evolving, space needed to plug-in laptops and charge phones has become essential. One major advantage is the concealment of unsightly cables and removing tripping hazards. Lamps can even be integrated with in-built phone charger points.

Recent trends have also seen meeting tables converted into co-working spaces. For customising the workplace, consider bespoke commercial desks such as those found at http://simonkohnfurniture.co.uk/our-work/commercial/reception-areas-and-desks/.

Breakout Spaces

Rising office costs mean breakout areas can be the first space to be sacrificed. It is important for staff to have an area separate from their workspace for relaxation, lunch and informal meetings. Stepping away from the screen now and again is vital for wellbeing.

This area could even be multifunctional as a collaborative space for meetings and sharing ideas, with stackable chairs and flip tables. Multipurpose furniture is a great way to save space.

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