4 Tell-Tale Signs your Air Ducts need Cleaned

Air ducts can gather and accumulate a lot of debris such as dust and dirt particles. Since the air duct will try to circulate clean air, it can do nothing but push the dust particles back out into the atmosphere, which can lead to poor quality indoor air and an increase of unfortunate allergies. The most common of these symptoms include itchy eyes, runny noses and breathing problems. It is important to regularly check and clean your ductwork system to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability. Here are some tell-tale signs your ducts and vents need a good cleaning:

4 Tell-Tale Signs your Air Ducts need Cleaned

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  1. Signs of Bug Infestations

It’s not a particularly pleasant sign, but it is pretty easy to deal with. If you notice signs of insects such as droppings inside the ducts or even tiny scratches, it could be a clear sign of a possible rodent or insect infestation. Dirty air vents are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites, who thrive in humid temperatures. They feed off dead skin cells and live in our beds, carpets and even the duct vents. Noticing any signs of their presence is a definite way to tell that your ductwork system needs cleaned.

  1. Mould Growth

When your ducts are covered in dust and have become quite moist or damp, it can lead to the development of mould on the ceiling, walls or inside the walls of the vents etc. Mould is a clear sign of moisture problems, so make sure you have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible to stop the problem before it gets any worse.

  1. Excessive Dirt

If you notice that the building has begun to get a lot more “dusty” that usual, it could be caused by the ventilation systems needing a good cleaning job. According to this article, clogged ducts can not only directly affect airflow efficiency, but inject these harmful pollutants throughout the home or workplace. Places with carpets will be even more prone to excess dirt and dust. Hoover the area regularly and consider having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis to coincide with the clean ducts.

  1. Air Duct Inspection

If you are unsure whether or not your ducts need cleaning, it is safer to schedule a professional ductwork inspection. Kent Duct cleaning companies such as http://www.enviro-group.eu/duct-cleaning-kent/, will not only carry out the required inspection, but will also provide expert duct cleaning services to ensure that only clean air is circulated within the building.

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