5 more things to know about TV antennas

There is a lot more to TV antennas than meets the eye, so here are a few more facts about them that you might not know yet, as well as some things to consider when you install one.

5 more things to know about TV antennas

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Outage Advantages

It is very rare that traditional TV broadcasts suffer from service interruptions, unlike modern alternatives which rely on signals received via satellite or cable. Because of this, an antenna can be a great backup option that will ensure you can still keep up to date with current events even if other broadcasting services are taken offline for any reason.

The same goes for people who love streaming, even in an age of Netflix securing 100 million subscribers. An internet connection can be much less consistent than TV broadcasts.

Individual Setup Requirements

It is not simply enough to buy an antenna and stick it to the side of your property, you need to position it appropriately depending on the location of the nearest broadcast tower.

Looking up tower locations and coverage levels in your area before you buy is important. Contacting specialist firms like http://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/, which offers Bristol aerial installations, will mean you avoid relying on guesswork.

Overcoming Obstacles

Digital TV frequencies can penetrate solid objects, but the best results are only achievable if your antenna is not blocked by any significant structures. This includes natural elements of the landscape like trees and hills, as well as man-made things like buildings. Raising an antenna as high as possible tends to deliver the best results, hence why they are mounted on the tops of roofs where there is nothing to get in the way of the signal.

5 more things to know about TV antennas2

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Additional Hardware

Having a digital antenna is not enough on its own to provide you with access to free TV channels – it must also be paired with a compatible set top box or television set. The good news is that any model sold in the past 10 years has been able to decode digital signals, so only older sets will need a separate box or to be replaced altogether.

Design Variety

The main thing to remember about TV antennas is that they are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather consist of many different model which offer varied features. So tailoring your choice to your needs is essential for the best experience.

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