5 Ways to Give Great Customer Service in Your Restaurant

Excellence in Customer Service Is Key

For restaurant owners, excellence in customer service is key to the success of your business. When visitors come to your restaurant to dine, they will want to feel welcomed and special. The staff should be respectful and polite while providing an excellent meal. This will be the memory they cling to when deciding to eat out, and if you have served them a sumptuous plate of food, they will return time and time again. Dissatisfied customers refuse to return to restaurants if they have had a bad experience, especially with poor-quality meals and negative customer service.

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While food is the important element, it is the overall experience that diners will assess. Those who work in hospitality should keep the focus on the customer, and everything should be done to please the diner. It’s important to greet the diners using respectful titles – sir and ma’am are appropriate to the setting.

Attention should be paid to what they ask for, and servers should be familiar with the menu. When taking the order, it should be repeated back to ensure everything has been taken down correctly.

It’s important not to make your diners wait. If they have to constantly glance at the clock, they will become irritated and hungry. According to The Morning Advertiser, the practice of eating out is increasing, so that means more pressure on the hospitality industry to demonstrate high levels of service and customer care.

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Sparkling Cutlery Shows Attention to Detail

Always make sure there is adequate cutlery. Restaurant Cutlery such as that from http://www.heritagesilverware.com/, which sparkles under the lighting, will show diners the standards to which the restaurant adheres.

And as soon as a problem arises, whether it’s to do with the quality of the food or a misunderstanding with the bill, it’s customary to rectify it as soon as possible. That means issuing perhaps a complimentary voucher or a round of free drinks, depending on the nature of the problem. If the problem is the fault of the restaurant, it’s important to stay calm and keep up eye contact. Always watch body language and make sure your actions aren’t demonstrating disapproval of the customer.

Customer comment cards and free Wi-Fi are also small additions which enhance the dining experience for the customer.

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