An Innovative Solution Developed for Chevrons on Cars

We’ve all seen them multiple times: the distinctive chevron markings that have become synonymous with vehicles on building and other work sites. Over the years they have developed, and now they are mainly attached to car boots by applying an adhesive.

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In this article we take a look at solutions that have been developed to deal with the very real risk posed by such an application. With the constant refining of vehicles by their manufacturers, car boots are – more often than not – made of plastic and not the traditional metal finish. This has a knock-on effect on applying chevrons and ultimately has been considered to pose a very real safety risk.

Finding a Way Forward

The most common answer to this industry problem is fairly straightforward and involves ensuring that the chevrons fit snugly – they are cut to size and then attached with either or both straps and suckers. This approach has resulted in much less chance of them dislodging or even coming off completely. Chevrons kits can be bought to make this process easier still.


Visibility is key on-site and is one of the main selling points that companies selling chevrons rely on; there are many to choose from, including

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On and Off

Another chevron solution has resulted in the markings being removable, meaning that they can be safely and firmly attached when required but taken off, for example, when making personal commutes. There’s a whole host of other relevant information out there about the use of company cars too.


As well as visibility, durability, safety and ease of use, adapted and improved chevrons have been praised for providing a workable solution on many work sites up and down the country. Many have organised their own pilots and trials to ensure that they are meeting their own and industry standards related to building and other such sites. Feedback has suggested that the new and improved chevrons have been widely accepted. Importantly too, many producers of chevrons understand that it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’ and offering bespoke services and excellent customer care goes a long way in satisfying the high demands of operational staff in the industry. Ensuring they fit different models has also proved to be popular.

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