Be a Bobby on the Beat

If you have a strong desire to help people and also to make sure everyone is adhering to the laws of the land then you should consider a career as a police officer. The police are quite literally, a lifeline in emergency situations and are an essential part of a safe and secure society. When things go wrong, they are one of the first people we want on the scene.

Duties can include interviewing suspected criminals, taking statements, administration, gathering evidence, writing crime reports, patrolling by foot or car, making arrests, searching suspects, crown control and responding to emergencies. You can guarantee that no two days will ever be the same and you’ll be the face of law and order, offering reassurance to the community. You can be an officer in the regular police force or in a specialist force, the military or the transport police who work on the railways.

A certain level of physical fitness is required and there will be tests that you must pass in the initial recruitment stage which also include a medical and an educational test. You will also undergo an advanced CRB Check as you will be in a position of trust and authority with access to many vulnerable people. For more information, visit

If this sounds like your ideal job then some of the attributes that you will need include:

  • Maturity, professionalism, honesty and trustworthiness
  • Excellent communication skills – with a strong focus on tact and diplomacy for diffusing difficult situations
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Negotiating skills
  • Teamworking and the ability to work independently
  • Assertiveness and resilience
  • Ability to remain calm in dangerous situations
  • Responsible with the ability to act with determination, tolerance and restraint
  • A firm but fair approach with sound judgment and a respect for confidentiality
  • Good written communication for writing detailed crime reports
  • Confidence to appear in court and give evidence

It can often be a tough job, mentally and physically with long shifts at unsociable hours but if you think the above qualities are a good match then it could be just what you’re looking for. You’ll need to work with local communities to maintain law, protect the public and their property, prevent crime and advise people how to stay safe and protect their property. There are also the bigger challenges to face in policing such as terrorism, organised crime and dealing with some unsavoury characters.

Be a Bobby on the Beat

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What can you expect from a career in the police force? You might be in a patrol car, walking the beat, in the custody suite, at court or out with an arrest warrant. There will be good days and bad days and it can be dangerous at times. The environment can be a pressurised one with many different things happening and constant demands on your attention. However, on appointment police officers become members of the Police Federation of England & Wales, which helps in matters of police welfare, pay and offers a range of additional benefits.

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