Businesses Need These 4 Features in Their CRM Systems

Businesses want more from their CRM systems in simplified features, focusing on goals such as relationship optimisation.

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The key to achieving this is by being proactive: anticipating your customers’ requirements and then acting on them, rather than re-actively responding to their basic needs.

With businesses struggling to overcome challenges due to the current economic conditions, companies are forced to evaluate CRM solutions with a more critical eye like never before.

1. Campaign Management

CRM systems should provide comprehensive campaign management functionality which enables workflow from initial campaign concepts to building, testing, deployment and measuring.

Mobile capability is becoming a vital aspect of CRM systems, with results delivery to PDAs and handhelds proving critical to businesses.

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Cross-sell and up-sell functionality will also be important to consumer-direct companies operating an online marketplace. Collecting data from previous customer behaviour is no longer effective – CRM solutions must now reach out and seek new customers.

2. Master Data Management

A CRM system should enable the management of multiple lists. This allows users to establish lists and utilise real-time data management and list segmentation.

When it comes to CRM for property management, contact a company such as to find out how CRM systems can help your business.

3. Customisation and Flexibility

Each successful CRM system should be customised to fit your business. It is vital that the solution you purchase is both flexible and customisable.

A CRM system must support your organisation’s processes – otherwise you will fail to achieve the full value of your investment.

However, the ability to customise must be in a straightforward and simple form that can be applied throughout the system. An easy customisable dashboard is of vital importance.

4. Follow-up Tracking and Lead Generation

Relying solely on a solution to do all processes can be a disastrous approach in business. However, a CRM system that is strong in follow-through and lead generation for reminders for sales people and automated customer communication can be instrumental in conducting efficient processes.

There may be a number of sales representatives in your organisation who are resistant to changing their methods and processes of selling. Some may miss follow-up opportunities due to inefficient systems, badly kept records and lack of staff members.

Implementing an effective and efficient CRM system ensures you can make the most of sales opportunities.

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