Check Out These Valuable Landlord Apps

In the age of the smartphone, there is an app for everything, so if you are a landlord you might find these top mobile programs useful when it comes to managing your property portfolio.

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The Landlord App

It may not have a funky name, but this app does exactly what it says on the tin and lets you stay on top of most aspects of the job, from keeping tabs on rent payments and expenses to scheduling important events. Since all of this information is easy to export to a PC, it is also flexible and convenient, even if the buy-to-let era may be on its last legs.


If you want to invest in more property in your area, the best way to get ahead of the game is to install Zoopla’s app on your phone. You can get up-to-the-minute information when homes hit the market and can also check on prior sale prices so that you can stay competitive. Right Move is similarly effective in this respect.

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Inventory Pro

If your properties are fully or partly furnished, keeping an inventory of the contents which is sharable with tenants is vital. This app makes it straightforward, allowing you to add images and videos to create a comprehensive picture of the contents of a house.

This may also help when looking for cheap landlords insurance from sites like, as you will get a better idea of how much protection you need.


You may already be a hardcore user of this popular instant messaging app, but if you are not already, then your tenants definitely will be by this point. You can set up a group message shared by multiple tenants of a single property to make it easier to stay in touch about important issues without having to handle a voice call at an inconvenient time.


With landlords still bombarded by paper documents on a regular basis, this app can make cataloguing every piece of important correspondence much less difficult. Just harness your handset’s built-in camera to capture a digital copy of documents in the file format of your choice.


If you have a Frontpoint security system installed at your property, then this app will be a huge help, letting you monitor and protect it remotely.

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