Cleaning on top of the world

Have you ever stayed in a high rise hotel or worked in a skyscraper and wondered how on earth they clean the windows up that high? Washing windows is a tiring and time consuming task at normal level but imagine how challenging it must be to clean them twenty storeys up? Surely this must be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Part window cleaner, part mountaineer!

They have to have a bit more equipment than your run of the mill window cleaning gear. They will carry a rope protector, a safety rope, a rope-grabbing tool, a descent mechanism, lanyard and suction cups. Not only does this equipment ensure their maximum safety but also enables them to clean all that glass with speed and efficiency. Whilst working, the cleaner will be attached to an anchor which is situated on the roof. This means that the windows can be cleaned as the worker descends onto lower floors. They will almost appear as if they are dropping one floor at a time and cleaning as they go.

Cleaning on top of the world

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Initially, cleaners would only have the ledge to stand on and grip the frame with their free hand. Thankfully this practice came to an end when I guess there were just too many accidents! Leather belts were then introduced which would be attached to an anchor. Scaffolds were the next piece of safety equipment to be introduced and these were not only safer but also more convenient. The most common tools used today include a boom, carriage, portable davit and Bosun’s chair. For more information on all forms of cleaning, visitĀ  Commercial cleaning Belfast.

A boom is the oldest equipment used historically and consists of a scaffold carrying multiple cleaners. It is a fixed piece of equipment up on a roof, to be used whenever it is required. A carriage was a better alternative as it’s mounted on top of a rail on the roof which can allow it to move both left and right. It holds multiple workers and is much more flexible than a boom. A portable davit is a cheaper mechanism and is more effective as it enables access to many areas while carrying multiple workers. A Bosun’s chair is a device used to suspend a person from a rope to perform work in the air. Often used on ships, it originally featured a plank or layer of heavy canvas. These days they incorporate safety devices similar to those found in rock climbing harnesses.

This is definitely not a job for anyone with a fear of heights. Wind flows at a much higher speed when you’re hundred floors upĀ  and so cleaners must have appropriate equipment to guard against such harsh conditions. Insects are another pest at such altitudes. Therefore, it’s not an easy job and considered one of the toughest in the world. It is crucial to keep a cool head at all times in order to make those skyscrapers look fantastic and gleaming.

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