Common Industrial Roof Problems

Unexpected roof problems are an absolute pain and have a big impact on your business, costing money, time and effort. Recognising the issues that can arise from industrial roofing problems and how to avoid them, can save a lot of hassle and minimize any downtime.

Some of the top roof problems that are most common:

1- Extreme weather

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent winter and extreme weather. However, there are things you can do to minimize the impact these conditions will have on your roof.

In summary, the main requirements you will want to keep an eye out for are:

Extreme temperature changes – this can result in melting ice and snow, which in turn creates a lot of water, which can lead to water ingress and overflowing gutters

Extreme wind – can lead to loosening of roofing materials and debris collection, leading to leakage and overflowing gutters

Heavy rain and snow – if your roof is already in a poor state of maintenance then heavy rain and snow fall can cause severe water ingress.

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2- Lack of gutter cleaning

This problem is easy enough to avoid with a roof inspection and planned preventative maintenance. However, most people do not fix things until they are damaged or until there is no other choice.

Throughout the year, and especially in the winter, gutters become a source of concern for the maintenance of the roof. The weather conditions of wind and rain results in leaves, branches, stones, dirt and debris washed into your gutters, which will block and clog them up.

3- Leakage and water ingress

Water leakage is a very strong indicator of the need for a roof replacement or repair. Generally, water leaks and damp areas in the roof area are caused by missing or damaged roofing materials. On the ceiling and walls looking out for areas of damp patches and discoloration, which are likely to be the first symptoms of water entering where it shouldn’t and is usually the result of roof problems. For repair or replacement, contact Industrial Roofers at a site like Modbay Ltd, Industrial Roofers in Norwich.

4- Seagulls and birds

For many industrial property owners, seagulls can be a real hassle, causing a lot of challenges and issues including:

Damaging roofing materials

Debris from nesting including sticks and branches




Nests and debris can restrict the flow of water on your roof causing overflow problems and the increased risk of water ingress. If your property is prone to attract seagulls, the key is to prevent seagulls landing on your roof all together.

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5- Asbestos

As soon as the word ‘asbestos’ is uttered it usually frightens people because of the well- known health hazards linked to the material. Should you suspect asbestos containing materials are present, but you do not have a record of the location, the best action is to organise a roof survey and inspection. Never attempt removal by yourself.

6- Standing water or pooling

A pool of water on your roof can be a sign of a build up of debris or indication that the drainage is inadequate or blocked. Left without this examination may lead to the entry of water and sewer overflows.

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