Conditions associated with asbestos exposure

Many people know about the word asbestos, and realize that it’s substance that’s very perilous and harmful to health and wellbeing, yet there can be a great deal of misconception about the particular ailments that exposure to asbestos can cause.

Specifically, most people associate asbestos with just the one condition named Asbestosis, and don’t know about the other various different conditions that can be brought about by exposure to asbestos.

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The five conditions that are perceived as being brought about by asbestos exposure include:-

Pleural plaques

Pleural thickening


Malignant lung growth


Pleural plaques are scarring to the covering of the lungs and show up on x-rays. Similarly, as with all conditions related to exposure to asbestos, the condition can take many years to develop after the individual is first exposed to asbestos. In most of cases, it is symptomless and relatively harmless and albeit perceived as being brought about by asbestos exposure, it is no longer considered for compensation for workers who have contracted the condition.

Pleural thickening is a more serious condition. This is coating of the lungs where liquid can develop. It can influence the sufferer’s capacity to breathe and constrains the physical development of the lungs, causing breathlessness. If you suspect asbestos in your property, contact a company offering an Asbestos Survey Birmingham, like TES Environmental, a leading Asbestos Survey Birmingham firm.

Asbestosis is likewise scarring but this scarring occurs in the inner lung structure. The condition was first recognized in 1924 and was the primary condition to be distinguished as being brought about by exposure, hence its name.

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Cancer of the lungs is obviously recognizable to us all. It is most ordinarily connected with smoking however what is less broadly known is that it can likewise be brought about by exposure to asbestos. It is accepted that lung malignancy might be the UK’s greatest industrial killer but due to its association with smoking, lung cancer caused by asbestos might not have been recorded or recognised as such.

Mesothelioma is a disease which affects the covering of the lungs or the stomach. The main reason is introduction to asbestos, and even modest quantities of asbestos can cause the condition. This is the reason there are legal cases that have been brought not only for individuals who have worked with asbestos (and been intensely exposed to it) yet additionally by some who have not worked with it or have been exposed to low levels, for instance, where somebody worked with asbestos, relatives may have been exposed through washing dusty overalls, prompting the condition.

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