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Content Marketing Strategies in 2016: Three Ideas

As we move to the end of the year, it’s time to look ahead to 2016. Content Marketing has continued its ascent as a key tool for all marketers throughout 2015 and this shows no sign of abating. With only 37 per cent of UK marketers claiming to have a fully documented strategy for content marketing however there is clearly some room for improvement. Here we outline three key ideas that will help you understand if your content is heading in the right direction.

Content Marketing

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Ensure You’re Not Missing Opportunities

According to the Content Marketing Institute e-newsletters are often used as a key tool for audience engagement by nearly three out of four marketers in the UK. Likewise, around 50 per cent will utilise blog content. However, most are not using any of the other content tools available to them including print magazines, video series, podcasts or online communities. As the online consumer becomes ever-wiser to targeting techniques maybe it’s time to consider widening your net away from the tried and tested.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Google’s knowledge graph is now able to handle longer search queries, as well as the simple answers it has been delivering since 2012. Additionally, digital assistants like Siri are becoming much more advanced. In combination this means that users may not have a need to click on your link in the results. You should consider the development of more in-depth content that is too specific for answer platforms to automatically deal with.

Question Whether You Have Both the Expertise and Bandwidth

It’s an unfortunate fact that content creation takes time and manpower, and it is often the case that organisations do not have the resources required to develop their content strategy and are perplexed by changes such as those outlined at Google. Website design in London and beyond remains an ever-changing field London web design by Vizion Online and other firms can assist in the development of a meaningful content strategy that stays up-to-date.

With the benefits of content clear to see and ever-higher marketing budgets being allocated, competition for user attention will continue to increase in 2016. In order to succeed, consider these ideas and you’ll be on the way to content success in no time.

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