Content Marketing Tactics: More Tips from the Pros

More and more web marketers are getting wise to that fact that quality content is the cornerstone of a strong marketing strategy for websites. A varied roster of different types of content enriches the online presence of a business and will ultimately drive up website traffic. Google itself has some extremely powerful tools that can be harnessed to supercharge your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing Tactics

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Understanding Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph first made its appearance in 2012, with the goal of displaying results that are relevant to user’s intent. Over time, this has morphed into a more sophisticated part of SERPs by returning a range of information on any given subject, providing the user with a variety of options to explore further. Generic terms, for example, will force Google’s Knowledge Graph to provide more varied search results, increasing the likelihood of people finding what they are looking for.

This feature is particularly well suited to marketing for local businesses. For example, if someone searches for ‘best Somerset web design’, then Google is able to pretty accurately analyse the user intent and return search results that are based on matching the subject and location. This is where having a pool of user reviews comes into play, as it’s well known that users tend to be influenced by what other people have already said about their experience of a product or service.

Using Featured Snippets

Snippets appear in search results when there is valuable content linked to the search query. Here is where having stellar content comes into play; if you have something that is more in-depth, you’re more likely to establish an authority for the subject matter. Somerset’s leading web design team are able to factor this into the construction of your website, making sure content is displayed in the most user friendly way possible to minimise the risk of high bounce rates.

The takeaway is that content marketers need to be more in-depth with the content that they are providing. Valuable content not only has a high chance of being shared, but it also stands the test of time. By targeting user intent with their blogs, images, and videos, there is greater probability that you will be ticking all of the relevant boxes when it comes to performing well in Google searches.

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