Creating a WordPress Marketplace

Before launching your idea Marketplace to market, you must show that your product is viable and worth investing your time and money to build a sustainable business around.

If you know design or know someone who can do for you, you can use InVision to create an interactive design where users can test the product in a dynamic way. But you must listen to your audience. Instead of trying to convince them with your idea, and watch them Adapt to the comments that you receive.

Once you’ve tested your prototype, you can use a basic WordPress theme with some plugins to develop your idea Marketplace and start selling your products online.

Creating a WordPress Marketplace

Why WordPress?

Pros and Cons of WordPress for your MVP

WordPress has evolved from the days when it was just a blogging platform. Today has thousands of plugins and integrated features that make it a powerful CMS (Content Management System) which is able to build almost any kind of online business.

Pros use WordPress

  • Lots of Themes.
  • Lots of plugins.
  • Built in the backend.
  • Very active support community.
  • It is open source. Everyone can contribute and customize the code.
  • Powerful and scalable.

Cons of using WordPress

  • It requires basic and front-end programming skills.
  • Too many plugins can slow it down.
  • Updating the plugins can ruin your configuration.
  • Security is not very strong when it comes to sales.
  • You need to learn to use it.

Some useful plugins to create your Marketplace

Plugins are able to extend the functionality of WordPress. There are currently over 30,000 plugins in this directory CMS and most of them are available free of charge with payment extended versions. You can utilize these plugins to create a platform similar to eBay where people can buy and sell items.

To create your Marketplace, the most recommended plugin is Easy Digital Downloads Pippin Williamson. It is a free plugin that allows you to sell digital goods easily, which you can add different accessories to make it more attractive.

Then we will see other plugins that you can install to create your Marketplace:

  • Google Analyticator.  To control your website analytics.
  • Features by WooThemes. It allows you to show a clean and easy way various functions or features of your company, products, services, offers, etc.
  • Hide Admin Bar From Non-admins.  To hide the admin bar not only for administrators.
  • Intercom for WordPress.  Intercom is a (CRM) with a messaging tool.
  • Mailbag.  To add e-mail forms.
  • Multiple Post Thumbnails. To add thumbnails to your posts.
  • WP external links. For external links are “nofollow” and open in a new window / tab.

Some interesting Themes

There are many themes available for all tastes and needs, but one of the best to create your Marketplace MVP is Marketify of ThemeForest. In WPZOOM, Themezilla, Elegant Themes and WooThemes, or the directory itself WordPress you can also find different themes of quality that will help you create your online business.


An MVP is about building a prototype to validate your business idea. Technology, methods, and best coding practices do not matter much at this point, the important thing is to find the necessary to test your idea with the minimum possible investment tools. WordPress is a great option to validate your idea and get some income while you keep improving your product or you can even become your ultimate platform if you know how to work with it correctly.

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